Making the Impossible Burger 2.0: It’s a Delicious Plant-Based Vegan Burger

Let me preface this by saying that most of my immediate family is vegan at this point. I’m not there yet myself, but I do enjoy a variety of vegan dishes… and a plant-based vegan burger that actually tastes like it has a real meat patty on it sounds amazing to me! So when I found out there is a homemade version of this magical thing to try out… I had to share.

Apparently, there is a vegan “meat” company that achieved this. They’re called Impossible Foods and a ton of people have been ranting and raving about the Impossible Burger 2.0 (even Forbes wrote about it), which supposedly really tastes like a delicious meat burger… but it’s 100% plant-based and created by brilliant scientists in a lab. All so vegans can enjoy delicious burgers too!

Finding a restaurant that serves the Impossible Burger 2.0 can be a daunting task, so JP & Julia, my favorite food YouTubers, from Hellthy Junk Food decided to just make it at home. It’s what they do.

Because JP is apparently a terrible kitchen scientist, Julia had to do this one on her own to create her version of the Impossible Burger 2.0. What she ended up with actually seems to taste pretty good. They did some blind taste tests against burgers with actual meat on them… and the results may surprise you!

There is one hilarious part in the video here, where she tries some of the flavoring straight-up and almost throws up. Haha! Great laughs were had at Julia’s expense… Anyhow, I’ve blabbered on enough about vegan burgers and other things, let’s get to the good stuff. The actual video!

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